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The George Vineyard Church (GVC) is a church plant out of the Fountain Vineyard in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
GVC started in the home of Derek and Marion Flanigan on Sunday the 18th of April 2010 with a group of 16 people from George and neighbouring towns.
Our gatherings are relaxed with no formal dress code and there is a sense of a family gathering about them. We will often have a meal together after the meeting.

Right from the start we felt that the scripture "mercy triumphs over judgement" (James 2:13b) spoke of what we as a church would like to live out amongst the community of George. We want to share a message of mercy and hope to those who do not know the love of God in their  lives.

GVC is one of many Vineyard churches in South Africa and the world. We relate to the Association of Vineyard Churches - SA


We envisage GVC being a community of believers that

  • Enjoys gathering as family
  • Enjoys the Presence of God
  • Equips believers to do the works of Jesus ( reaching those who do not know God, healing the sick, being generous to the poor and needy, showing mercy to the broken and to help ordinary people experience the power of the Kingdom of God in their lives)

We also desire to be  church  wherever we go, not just inviting people to our meetings but going out and meeting them where they are in the marketplace, in their homes, at malls, wherever we live out our life as church.

Vineyard Values:
  • The Bible is taught as the word with an application for daily living
  • There is evidence of ministry to the poor, broken, divorced etc
  • There is emphasis on healing and signs and wonders
  • There are small groups with dynamics of accountability, ministry and discipleship
  • There is effective ongoing training and discipleship of people
  • There is interaction with other churches
  • There is good meaningful worship expressed in contemporary music and prayer
  • There is commitment to, and involvement in, missions, both foreign and domestic
  • There is encouragement and exercising of spiritual gifts

meeting times and venue:

Worship Meeting:
Sundays: 9.30am
Small Group:
Wednesdays: 7.00pm
(1 Frieda Str)
Venue: (Sundays)
47 Market Street (cnr of Market and Cradock streets)

How to get there: Map


GVC has moved to our new venue in Market Street . We are very excited about this move and believe it will help us further live out our mandate to touch the lives of others with the love of Christ. 


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