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Dear GVC family and visitors

In the light of the present circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 virus, the leadership team of the George Vineyard Church have had to make decisions regarding the way forward for GVC over the next couple of weeks. After consultation with leaders from Vineyard SA and together as a team, we have decided to put the safety of you and your family first and have therefore decided that there will be no Sunday meetings for at least the lockdown period from 22 March – 30 April; after which we will review the situation.

We will make use of social media and other digital means to continue to engage as a community and stay connected. Let us know If you are tech savvy and are wanting to assist in making this happen.
As a leadership team, we will be in regular contact with you to encourage you and to be aware of any pastoral needs that you might have.

This is a time for prayer, for the victims of this virus as well as for the spread of the virus to end.
This is a time for compassion. As we look to God, we also become aware of those around us that are need of encouragement and the love of God.
This is a time for Faith and Responsibility. Faith and responsibility go hand in hand and as we exercise faith, we at the same time take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe.
This is a time to stay connected. Although we are called on to exercise social distancing, we should not hide. Find creative ways to continue engaging with others.
This is not a time to panic or to let fear have the upper hand. It’s in times like these that we are reminded of how many times the Word encourages us to “fear not” and to also be reminded that God promises to be with you through all that threatens to overwhelm you. I encourage you to meditate on Romans 8.

May you continue to feel God’s presence as you continue to lead lives of significance in these difficult times. 
Love in Jesus,
GVC leadership team

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 For more information, teachings and to stay in touch, check out our Facebook page:

meeting times and venue:

Worship Meeting:
Sundays: 9.30am


47 Market Street

* Due to the lockdown  restrictions, we are not currently meeting in person. *


Small Group:
Invite or attend an "extended table"

Speak to someone at GVC to find out more about an extended table for fellowship near you. 



We will be doing weekly online teachings  which we will be posting as mp3's while restrictions on gatherings are active during lockdown. These are available by following this link (Teachings [mp3] : [go]), on SoundCloud, our FaceBook group or our closed WhatsApp group.

Please support the community of George in any way you can during these times. Call the lonely, provide for the needy, respect the regulations and keep the community and leaders in prayer. For ways to get involved please contact Derek, or have a look at local initiatives on the website. 


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