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Breaking of Bread (Communion)

by Gavin Brown

Breaking Bread together during Lockdown

(Date Added: 2020-06-14)

The challenge then and the challenge now
Matthew 4

by Peter Hamp-Adams

For some people Christianity resembles some kind of heavenly examination system – make sure you study the syllabus now, do certain things and keep certain rules – and one day you will be rewarded – or not, as the case may be.

(Date Added: 2020-06-07)

Pentecost Sunday
Knowing Christ and making Him known

by Derek Flanigan

Message is based on Acts chapter 1 and 2

(Date Added: 2020-05-31)

The secret of being content
Philippians 4v10-13

by Derek Flanigan

Paul writing a letter to the Church in Philippi, writes about the "secret of being content"

(Date Added: 2020-05-24)

Do Not Be Anxious
Philippians 4:6-8

by Derek Flanigan

Paul encourages us in Philippians 4 to "not be anxious"

(Date Added: 2020-05-17)

Burdens and Humility
Matthew part 3

by Peter Hamp-Adams

This is a follow on of Sunday's message "The Greatest Commandment"

(Date Added: 2020-05-13)

The Greatest Commandment
Matthew 22: 41 46

by Peter Hamp-Adams

What lay at the heart of the exchanges in the final chapters of Matthew? We must not think of these as some kind of, “who has the better answers” debate, or Jesus saying something like, “you have got some things wrong , but let me help you.”

(Date Added: 2020-05-10)

The Lord is my Shepherd
Psalm 23

by Gavin Brown

A message of encouragement from Psalm 23

(Date Added: 2020-05-03)

Forgiven, Restored and Re-Commissioned
John 21

by Derek Flanigan

Jesus prepares breakfast for the disciples on the beach and restores Peter in his relationship with Jesus and his commission. Jesus says "Follow me", we explore what that meant for Peter and for us today.

(Date Added: 2020-04-26)

Hope Restored
The road to Emmaus

by Derek Flanigan

We look at how 2 men's encounter with the risen Christ, restored their hope and renewed their hearts.

(Date Added: 2020-04-19)

The end and the beginning

by Peter Hamp-Adams

(Date Added: 2020-04-12)

The things that make for peace
Luke 19:41-44

by Derek Flanigan

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they rejected their opportunity for peace and did not recognise the day of God's visitation

(Date Added: 2020-04-05)

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