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Hope Restored
The road to Emmaus

by Derek Flanigan

We look at how 2 men's encounter with the risen Christ, restored their hope and renewed their hearts.

(Date Added: 2020-04-19)

The end and the beginning

by Peter Hamp-Adams

(Date Added: 2020-04-12)

The things that make for peace
Luke 19:41-44

by Derek Flanigan

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they rejected their opportunity for peace and did not recognise the day of God's visitation

(Date Added: 2020-04-05)

Romans 13 - What you owe and what you wear
What causes people to talk about the Christian faith?

by Peter Hamp-Adams

Second sermon from GVC during Covid-19 Lockdown

(Date Added: 2020-03-28)

The radical middle between fear and flippancy

by Derek Flanigan

We are living through a time of crisis that is causing fear and panic across the world… no one is exempt from having to face the reality of the fast spreading Covid-19 virus, how we approach this time will make all the difference.

(Date Added: 2020-03-22)

The Way Forward - Part 1
Adullam's Cave

by Derek Flanigan

What brought David and others to the cave of Adullam? The Cave was not his destination but rather a safe place for re-equipping, re-envisioning and a place of gathering resources.

(Date Added: 2011-06-11)

Kingdom, Cross and Resurrection
Teaching Given by Derek Morphew at GVC 22 May 2011

by Derek Morphew

The Kingdom, already and not yet...

(Date Added: 2011-06-11)

The Power of Grace
Teching given at GVC on the 8th May 2011

by Dave Pedersen

Dave shares on the power of Grace in the life of the believer

(Date Added: 2011-06-11)

His Love Endures Forever
Giving thanks for God's goodness

by Jonothan Stanton-Humphreys

Alters were built to,amoungst other things, remember the goodness of God. We need to take time out to remember the things God has done for us and give thanks...

(Date Added: 2011-01-24)

Living Life to the Full

by Derek

John 10:10 – As believers we are supposed to be able to live life to the full because of Jesus... exploring a way of improving our lives one small step at a time [apologies - due to a technical error the audio file is not available]

(Date Added: 2010-12-07)

Abiding in the Presence of God
the story of Eli, his sons and Samuel

by Jonno Stanton-Humphreys

This is a story of tradgedy, evil and good... a story of how we can live with the outward appearance of good but with no inward reality of that good. Dualism vs a whollistic approach to life... evil that leads to tragedy but good that leads to life in the presence of God...

(Date Added: 2010-10-26)

To Know Jesus and Make Him Known

by Derek

Three 'snapshots' of Jesus...

(Date Added: 2010-09-15)

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